Sydney / Waukee High School Senior

I am now booking class of 2018 seniors! I would LOVE to hear from you! Find more information on my contact page! We can chat over coffee about what you're looking for in your senior portraits. We can get to know each other and find the perfect locations, outfits, and style for your senior portraits. 

Featured below is Sydney from Waukee High School. I had the pleasure of working with her last year and we had a blast! I loved capturing her fun personality. Her mom and best friend came along for the shoot, we all had a blast walking around the East Village and finding wonderful spots out at Water Works. 

This is a little inside look at how my senior sessions work! We get to know each other, have some fun in the studio and then discover new places around town. I love to find uncommon places to take portraits at. Sometimes I end up at a Motel in South Des Moines, or I end up in a collectors yard full of antique builds. Whatever your style, we can make it happen! 

I look forward to my class of 2018 seniors!