Lifestyle Portraits with the Gohr's

Hey guys! I am so excited to share this post with you all. This is my first lifestyle portrait session. I've been wanting to capture lifestyle portraits for quite some time. I love capturing life as it is and hope to continue to do so!

Thank you to the Gohr family for making this possible! Danie Gohr is owner over at Catch This Mama. This session meant a lot to the both of us, capturing life as it is! Danie is all about supporting mamas and their everyday lives. I think this encompasses what Danie is trying to accomplish with Catch This Mama. Owning your mom life! And, I so agree with her. I love capturing life as it is, raw and imperfect. So you're making cookies with the kiddos? It doesn't always go as planned, right? Who cares!? Just like life, you're going to have things fall, not be measured just right or not go as you thought it would.

Life is the messy bits!

I want to capture it all. So, if you love your life and want it captured just like it is, contact me to inquire about lifestyle sessions! Let's embrace this imperfect life.