Zac & Sarah / Des Moines, Iowa / The Ledges State Park

Zac & Sarah, what can I say? Their session was FULL of laughs! I barely had to say anything, they took care of the laughter themselves. Except for the beginning laughter. We were searching and searching for this overlook at The Ledges and ended up hiking way too far. We went up this huge hillside to look for this rock, (and had a Bald Eagle fly out of a tree right above us!) but the small path that leads to this rock was right at the BOTTOM of the hill! At least we got some exercise, right? Which, turned my legs to a jello-like consistency and they couldn't stop shaking! So, that is what they are laughing at in the beginning of these photos. The rest is all them! We had fun on our little adventure and I love how these moody pictures turned out!

P.S. I ran over my first squirrel on the way out of town with these guys. My first squirrel murder and the Lane's were there to witness it! Poor squirrel. :(