Portraits on the Prairie

This shoot is so special to me. Not only do I have a fabulous senior rep that allows me to take such beautiful photos but it was my first medium format film shoot. I broke down and rented a Contax 645 medium format camera and had a blast with it! I have always adored film photography. My knowledge of photography started with 35mm film. My first photography class in high school I had to make a film camera out of a shoebox. The love only grew stronger from there. Living in the dark room for so many years was a thrill, I miss those days. It's always exciting when you hear the shutter click and you hope everything turns out okay. Someday I hope to be more of a hybrid shooter and own a medium format camera but for now I have my trusty 35mm and my DSLR. Not all of these photos below are film but that is another thing I strive for in my business, to replicate the feel of film photography. Thank you Evadne and my lovely friend Paige for assisting me in this wonderful shoot! I hope there are more to come in the future!